Jean Anne Turner

For Irvine School Board, Area 2
Let’s put a teacher on the School Board!

Jean Anne Turner

My late husband, Walt, and I each taught in Irvine for over 30 years.  We moved to University Park in 1971 and immediately fell in love with this community!  Our daughter attended IUSD schools and our two grandchildren are currently enrolled in IUSD.

I spent 36 years as a front-line classroom teacher.  Many of those years were at Rancho San Joaquin Middle School.  I was honored twice — in 1988 and again in 2000 — as Irvine Middle School Teacher of the Year and runner-up for Orange County Teacher of the Year in 2001. I also served multiple terms as an officer in the Irvine Teachers Association and am a lifetime member of the California Teachers Association (CTA).  To read my candidate statement, click here.

Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Jean Anne

1. I love young people and am committed to their success.

2. I love my community and will represent it well.

3. I love the business of education and my passion translates into action.

4. I know about educating from the inside out and from the bottom up.

5. I bring 31 years of IUSD experience to the table.

6. I am a super responsible person and a hard worker.

7. I will bring the benefit of classroom experience to the Board.

8. I will bring a fresh perspective from decades in the proverbial trenches.

9. It’s time for a fresh start & I have the energy to lead the charge!

10. It’s time to put a teacher on the School Board!

Why I’m Running


There’s no question that Irvine teachers are doing an incredible job!

However, as a former classroom teacher with decades of experience, I understand the challenges teachers face and the tools they need — especially in Area 2 — to do their jobs even better to ensure all of our children are thriving.


Irvine has always had the highest standards in education, but we are facing serious challenges now that our schools are growing older.

I will bring decades of experience to help us tackle issues concerning school transportation, school security, and the modernization of our buildings and curriculum.


Irvine parents trust schools to keep their children safe and provide a good education.  Irvine teachers expect schools to help them do their jobs effectively. 

That’s why I want to help make sure our schools have clear, consistent policies and procedures that guide day-to-day processes.

Thank you to everyone who joined our team!







Favorite Educational Quotes

Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.

Abigail Adams

Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.

Leonardo da Vinci


Jean Anne Turner and I were teachers at Rancho Intermediate School. Education is everything to her and she loves teaching and adores children. She is top notch in everything she does. She cannot be bullied or bribed.

Joan Collignon

Retired Teacher, Rancho Middle School

Jean Anne Turner is the finest teacher I have ever worked with!

John Inmon

Retired I.U.S.D. Principal

I’ve known Jean Anne Turner for 16 years.  Knowing her commitment to and continuing interest in our school district, I know she will be an excellent addition to the IUSD Board.

Carol Lamphier

Retired Teacher and 47-Year Irvine Resident of V.P.C.A.

Jean Anne has already served the people of Irvine by educating its children during her time at Rancho Middle School. She is an excellent candidate for our school board and I urge you to join me and cast your vote for her.

Kathy Calkins

Career IUSD teacher and 35-year Irvine resident

As an advocate for students, she has no peer.

Mark Reider

Retired Principal, I.U.S.D.

Jean Ann has volunteered for years and years to help VPCA. No one has done more for her community than she has. She is a person of the highest integrity and I can’t think of another person who would be a more dedicated, knowledgeable school board member!

Sandy Peck

Founder, Friends of the Library & V.P.C.A Resident

As a former School Board Member in Irvine, I appreciate the qualities that Jean Anne will bring to the Board. As an experienced educator, she has the unique perspective on what it takes to create and continue Irvine’s traditions of excellence.

Helen Cameron

Former IUSD Board Member

Jean Anne is uniquely qualified to serve as a member on the IUSD School Board by virtue of her many qualities, talents, commitment, energy, and relevant experience. Jean Anne and her husband were both highly distinguished school teachers here in Irvine until their retirement.  I recommend Jean Anne highly, knowing she will contribute greatly to the successful oversight provided to our district by the IUSD School Board.

Richard W. Caton

V.P.C.A Homeowner & Retired UCI Director of Contracts

Jean Ann was an outstanding teacher to both of my children. I worked with her on committees over the years. She is one of the more clear thinking and thorough people I have met. She would make an outstanding and committed school board member.

Mary Lou Sortais

Retired IUSD teacher and long-time Irvine resident

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